• Don't ever look back!
  • "Sometimes is better to be alone."
  • An autumn tale
  • Sem título #378

  • I think I'd better not.
  • Hey, you! Wanna practice procreation?
  • Okay, man. Whatever.
  • {NaNo 2k14} If the walls were too thin, you would break right in

  • Let's check into a motel and have some fun! ♥
  • Style Diary: Inspired by Paul Wesley's rocker chic!
  • 25/100 All you need is money, vogue and love!
  • Style Diary: Inspired by "Katherine's 1864 Look"

  • Idk. a title
  • would it be stupid to write HAPPY HALLOWEEN in all caps?
  • Being 5'1 has its advantages. but not when trying to reach the cookies Tiana put on top of the fridge.
  • .

  • I shared my body and my mind with you That's all over now I did what I had to do I found another anyhow
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  • strangers
  • STUDIO APARTMENT under $2500
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  • Sssh let me tell you a secret
  • See you on the beach
  • Get the Look
  • Ringing the Blues
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  • fall is coming!
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  • there's a light, there's the sun, taking all shattered ones.
  • we will run away, to another galaxy.
  • got you wrapped around my finger, babe, you can count on me to misbehave.
  • i’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm.

  • It feels like I only go backwards, baby. Every part of me says, "go ahead" I got my hopes up again, oh no, not again
  • Memories take me back to all of the wildest times
  • I'm just having an allergic reaction to the universe.
  • In the middle of summer , all was golden in the sky.

  • The daytime diva
  • live love chic 2
  • Beauty takes the city
  • I like you
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