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  • RIP Oscar de la Renta
  • They did the mash, they did the monster mash.
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  • Until We Meet Again.
  • I am a witch and I have conjured you , for my bidding, and all my charms and all my accidents, are all just instruments to lock you up
  • It's Paris, make out in a dark restaurant, we'll dance until we die, wanna go out every night, promise we won't say goodbye
  • You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll, so if that's what you're into then go ahead and move along

  • Yeah you can start over you can run free, you can find other fish in the sea, you can pretend it's meant to be, but you can't stay away from me [WSALE]
  • nothing but angelic...
  • Through the crystal like clear water fountain, drove me like a magnet to the sea [AI]
  • The clouds, never expect it when it rains, but the sea changes color, but the sea does not change [AI]
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  • chanel this; chanel that; hell yeah; all my girls vintage chanel baby.
  • see everybody's been down in luck; now finally things are looking up; the sun is chased all the rain away; no more obstacles in our way.
  • they tell us from the time we're young; to hide the things that we don't like about ourselves inside ourselves; i know i'm not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else; well i'm over it.
  • B. of VS Angels || Erin Heatherton || Round 3. Trick or treat

  • Oh we made quite a mess, babe, it’s probably better off this way, and I confess babe, in my dreams you’re touching my face and asking me if I wanna try again with you, and I almost do. ll DP
  • One track mind, one track heart, if I fail I'll fall apart, maybe this is all a test, cause I feel like I'm the worst so I always act like I'm the best.
  • Next thing, we're touching, you look at me it's like you hit me with lightning. ll DP
  • I'm in love with you, but the vibe is wrong, and that haunted me, all the way home. ll DP

  • Forgive the (French) cheese, with the quote and all that.
  • Aye! I forgot this money. And also this guy. Come on, we're gonna have sex. Toodle-loo.
  • Apologetic (not the album)
  • F*ck it all, f*ck it all, don't give a sh*t anymoreeeeeee

  • They've all got the same heartbeat, but hers is falling behind
  • That feeling that doesn't go away just did, and I walked 1000 miles to prove it
  • You play me like a symphony, play me till your fingers bleed
  • いつかこの声が きっと届くと信じて
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  • *boop* The one most likely to know the host.
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  • They say the hills to steep to climb.