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  • Make me feel like I am breathing, feel like I am human.
  • The only girl I've ever loved was born with roses in her eyes.
  • She just wanna smoke and f*ck, I said, "girl, that's all that we do."
  • I was in heaven, I was in hell, believe in neither, but fear them as well.
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  • Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new.

  • i promised you open ocean glow//mother of pearl, gold, and indigo//cut through the waves, i watched you swim away//i'll never love you more than today
  • HAITUS (of sorts)
  • a soldier is bailing out//he curled his lips on the barrel//and i don't know if the dead can talk//to anyone [OCRP]
  • i live life around 2 am nights//i live two lives, live by the hood//just to see a little blood [EMR]

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  • Womanist is to feminine as purple is to lavender.(+Be Original)
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  • just-past-teenage boys are the worst members of this species. don't fight me on this, i'm an expert.
  • *is born* dammit
  • habs: *lose* bayern: *loses* maman: what do you want for your birthday? me: vodka. so much vodka.
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